Review: The Night Agent – Matthew Quirk

My version: Hardback
Genre: Fiction, Thriller
William Morrow
First published: 2019
ISBN: 9780062875464
Pages: 424

To find a Russian mole in the White House, an FBI agent must question everything. . . and trust no one.
To save America from a catastrophic betrayal, an idealistic young FBI agent must stop a Russian mole in the White House in this exhilarating political thriller.
No one was more surprised than FBI Agent Peter Sutherland when he’s tapped to work in the White House Situation Room. From his earliest days as a surveillance specialist, Peter has scrupulously done everything by the book, hoping his record will help him escape the taint of his past. When Peter was a boy, his father, a section chief in FBI counterintelligence, was suspected of selling secrets to the Russians—a catastrophic breach that had cost him his career, his reputation, and eventually his life. 
Peter knows intimately how one broken rule can cost lives. Nowhere is he more vigilant than in this room, the sanctum of America’s secrets. Staffing the night action desk, his job is monitoring an emergency line for a call that has not—and might never—come. 
Until tonight.
At 1:05 a.m. the phone rings. A terrified young woman named Rose tells Peter that her aunt and uncle have just been murdered and that the killer is still in the house with her. Before their deaths, they gave her this phone number with urgent instructions: “Tell them OSPREY was right. It’s happening. . . “
The call thrusts Peter into the heart of a conspiracy years in the making, involving a Russian mole at the highest levels of the government. Anyone in the White House could be the traitor. Anyone could be corrupted. To save the nation, Peter must take the rules into his own hands and do the right thing, no matter the cost. He plunges into a desperate hunt for the traitor—a treacherous odyssey that pits him and Rose against some of Russia’s most skilled and ruthless operatives and the full force of the FBI itself. 
Peter knows that the wider a secret is broadcast, the more dangerous it gets for the people at the centre. With the fate of the country on the line, he and Rose must evade seasoned assassins and manoeuvre past jolting betrayals to find the shocking truth—and stop the threat from inside before it’s too late.

I’m really not sure how I came to read this one. Though I’m quite glad I did. It’s a good old-fashioned gripper and, as the extensive blurb round about says (that isn’t all of it above), it is in the same thriller ball-park of early (as that’s all the John Grisham I’ve read) John Grisham.

Of course, thriller writing, mainly US thriller-writing about spectacular plots involving the very top reaches of…you know, has been set back by many years thanks to the current idiot-in chief over there. It’s going to be quite a while for instance before a book about a Russian inside the White House who isn’t the effing President, will give any thrills. Though I suppose you could argue that it’s a perfect time for Russian agents to get into the top echelons, (etc), as none of those morons would recognise them if they did get there. “Oh, what a nice red badge you have there Mr. Smithekov, was it?” Though I suppose Russian agents would have to marry into the First Idiot Family to be sure. It’s going to be a while before US thriller writers can write believable about a President who acts responsibly, let’s face it. What dear old Vince Flynn would have done, I dread to think. Though I feel he would have held his Presidents up against the current shaved Orangutan for us to find our own way, I’m sure. Kyle Mills seems to be ignoring the real world entirely and going deeper into his own world, which works for me.

So it’s maybe best to try and clean your mind of the last four or so years (as I’m sure many Americans are engaged in right now) and let your imagination believe that a single FBI man, a refreshing change from the CIA being into everything I found, could reasonably expected to get involved and do something about a situation like any of the above.

You can buy The Night Agent from The Book Depository

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