Review: Maybe You Will Survive – Aron Goldfarb, Graham Diamond

My version: Hardback
Genre: Non Fiction, Second World War, The Holocaust
Xlibris Corporation
First published: 2010
ISBN: 97814538470
Pages: 174

In Graham Diamond”s collaboration with Aron Goldfarb, the reader feels the struggles of people trying to survive during the Holocaust.
The author recounts his experiences in Poland during the Holocaust, when he escaped from a forced labor camp and, with his brother, hid in underground holes on the grounds of an estate controlled by the Gestapo.

Only short, but incredibly powerful conjuring up of the world Aron Goldfarb’s family lived in in the years up to the outbreak of war and then the slow creep of Nazi terror that destroyed everyone and everything they knew. The later parts, about their survival in the forests and grounds around the Gestapo’s barracks, the searches for old friends, and relatives, are intense and as tense as any film. The way his family lived and are then torn apart – and where the title comes from – will never leave me.

We look back and read this knowing that, if he says it is 1943 or ’44 or whatever, that there are only two, or one year to hold out. It is important to realise and read these books with the fact that they didn’t have the benefit of knowing that. They couldn’t see an end. Many books express a hope that it will end, someday, but to live your life not knowing if this is how it will be until you die, makes the books especially poignant to me.

You can buy Maybe You Will Survive from The Book Depository

Photo by Lukasz Szmigiel on Unsplash

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