9. National Eye : Halo

Out in the empty streets where the men go
On the crying cusp of a halo
The name of your father comes as what we know
The children all make their face at the way-low

It’s a distant place in the hands of a hero
Blessed by a man with casinos

The women all take up a ride to the do-show
Once every night they dream they’re in Reno
Across the ocean players signal revo
Metal and man combine in a hollow

In the sun my body is frying like oh no
Like the souls of the dying in Cairo

The women come to a sandy beach in Wello
The street corners are quiet but for the fellow
The man who makes the world escape through a window
It’s all knee-deep and piled in with a cello
Please please now come to the edge of the maginative wind
You’ll dream that you’ll be there when it blows

Over time we’ll take up a lot at the gallows
Sweet talking maids and men who go jo
The traders all file through and die slow
You see them rise like fire and swallow
A church well off plot to the heart of what’s good in the world
The heart of what’s good in the commune

(Not sure about the last couple of lines there!)