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Tom Marcus
Tom Marcus, former MI5 agent, grew up on the streets in the north of England. He joined the British Army at sixteen and went on to become the youngest member of the Armed Forces to pass the six-months selection process for Special Operations in Norther Ireland.
He was then hand-picked from the Army to join MI5 as a Surveillance Officer. He left the Security Forces recently, after a decade on the front line protecting his country, due to being diagnosed with PTSD.
An extraordinary battle and recovery took place, which led Tom to write his first book, ‘Soldier Spy.’ Having been vetted and cleared for publication by MI5, it’s the first true ground-level account ever to be told and the book went straight to number one on the Sunday Times bestseller list.
Tom now consults on projects within TV and film including the TV dramatisation of his book Soldier Spy. Capture or Kill is his first novel.
Due to the ongoing specific threat to Tom Marcus, MI5 insist he keep his identity hidden and he continues to work with the Security Service and other agencies to ensure he stays safe.

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C. R. May
Born in London and raised in Essex, he lives with his family on the Suffolk coast.


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Steven A McKaySteven A McKay
Steven is a writer from Old Kilpatrick, near Glasgow in Scotland, heavily influenced by the likes of Bernard Cornwell, Douglas Jackson and Ben Kane.



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