Dear Sir or Madam, will you read my book?

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Friday book news back! And, on a Saturday! Imperial Fire, Robert Lyndon's follow-up to Hawk Quest, has now been released. You can order it here: Amazon The Book Depository Or, if you fancy a signed first edition copy and don't mind paying full-whack and possibly postage the same cost as the book (depending on where you live … Continue reading Friday book news

Review: Viking: King’s Man – Tim Severin

Series: Viking 3 My version: Paperback Genre: Historical Fiction, Viking Age Publisher: Pan (Macmillan) First published: 2005 Bought This is in essence, a different look at the Viking 'swords and shields' books that I like reading so much (Robert Low, Giles Kristian, etc). If you're simply after swords and shields and bucket-loads of bloody raping and … Continue reading Review: Viking: King’s Man – Tim Severin