Friday Book News – Friday 25 April

Now with caps on all words in title! American stylee! Stuart Neville's Ratlines, is up for something called a 'Barry.' Seems to be a prize/prizes awarded for thrillers. The Barry awards is run by something called 'Deadly Pleasures' magazine. As they say: "Deadly Pleasures is America's premier fan-oriented mystery magazine.  In it and on this site … Continue reading Friday Book News – Friday 25 April

Book News Friday 16 May

...can see pretty well. Colours still very light and it's like looking into bright sun the whole time, but I can read ok and that's what matters. And what have I been reading about? The Fifth Legion Douglas Jackson another Blog Fave™ has produced the cover for the next in his '...of Rome' series, called … Continue reading Book News Friday 16 May