Friday Book News – Friday 25 April

Now with caps on all words in title! American stylee! Stuart Neville's Ratlines, is up for something called a 'Barry.' Seems to be a prize/prizes awarded for thrillers. The Barry awards is run by something called 'Deadly Pleasures' magazine. As they say: "Deadly Pleasures is America's premier fan-oriented mystery magazine.  In it and on this site … Continue reading Friday Book News – Friday 25 April

Book News Friday 16 May

...can see pretty well. Colours still very light and it's like looking into bright sun the whole time, but I can read ok and that's what matters. And what have I been reading about? The Fifth Legion Douglas Jackson another Blog Fave™ has produced the cover for the next in his '...of Rome' series, called … Continue reading Book News Friday 16 May

Books brought back from UK trip

Now you know why we took the car over. We drove from Denmark to Wales, via Germany, Holland, Belgium and an overnight in Calais France. Then on to the north of England, the south and back, via an overnight in Dunkerque. Book-buying wasn't the only reason of course, but it did make it a lot … Continue reading Books brought back from UK trip