If you feel the need to contact me, then feel free to do so here. If you’re taking me to task for something I’ve posted – keep it clean and constructive, please.

If you’re an author, of whatever status, I do read all books I’m sent, though I would ask for a physical, hard copy, that is to say and actual printed version. An ARC, or a finished book I can hold in my hands. I’m not built for eBooks or PDFs or other things I have to convert and read in iBooks, at the kind of size that induces blindness, I’ve decided. Otherwise, feel free to use this here form and I’ll get back to you with an address.

Oh, one other thing that might shouldn’t put you off, I live in Denmark. Consider that before you agree to posting, wouldn’t want a trip to the Post Office (presuming there are still Post Offices where you live), to cause fears of bankrupcy.