Non Fiction Reviews By Book Title

I decided to take the Non Fiction books out of the bigger list.
I’ll work on a Non Fiction by theme/era at some point as well.
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If you notice any omissions or errors, let me know, eh?

You can scroll through or go straight to that letter of the alphabet the book you’re looking for begins with. All books that begin with ‘The’ are under T, then alphabetically after the first letter of the next word in the title.

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A Farewell To Justice
Jim Garrison, JFK’S Assassination And The Case That Should Have Changed History
Joan Mellen
All Hell Let Loose
The World At War, 1939-1945
Max Hastings
Ardennes 1944
Hitler’s Last Gamble
Antony Beevor
A Serial Killer In Nazi Berlin The Chilling True Story Of The S-Bahn Murderer
Scott Andrew Selby
Auschwitz A History
Sybille Steinbacher


Before The Revolution
America’s Ancient Pasts
Daniel K. Richter
Beyond The Northlands
Viking Voyages And The Old Norse Sagas
Eleanor Rosamund Barraclough
Breakout At Stalingrad
Heinrich Gerlach


Europe Goes To War 1914
Max Hastings


Eichmann Before Jerusalem
The unexamined life of a mass murderer
Bettina Stangneth
Eichmann In My Hands
A First-Person Account By The Israeli Agent Who Captured Hitler’s Chief Executioner
Peter Z. Malkin
& Harry Stein
Elizabeth’s Sea Dogs
How The English Became The Scourge Of The Seas
Hugh Bicheno


Fall and Rise
The Story Of 9/11
Mitchel Zuckoff
Writing In The Name Of God
Why The Bible’s Authors Are Not Who We Think They Are

Bart D. Ehrman
Forged In Fury
Michael Elkins
Forgotten Voices
Of The Holocaust
True Stories Of Survival – From Men, Women And Children Who Were There
Lyn Smith


Confessions Of A Counterterrorism Agent
Fred Burton


Hanns And Rudolf
The German Jew And The Hunt For The Kommandant Of Auschwitz
Thomas Harding
Hell Before Their Very Eyes
American Soldiers Liberate Concentration Camps In Germany, April 1945
John C. McManus
How Jesus Became God
The Exaltation Of A Jewish Preacher From Galilee
Bart D. Ehrman
Hunting Eichmann
How A Band Of Survivors And A Young Spy Agency Chased Down The World’s Most Notorious Nazi
Neal Bascombe


James The Brother Of Jesus
The Key to Unlocking the Secrets of Early Christianity & the Dead Sea Scrolls
Robert Eisenman


Lone Survivor
The Incredible True Story Of Navy Seals Under Siege
Marcus Luttrell
with Patrick Robinson


Masters Of Death
The SS Eindsatzgruppen And The Invention Of The Holocaust
Richard Rhodes
Maybe You Will Survive
A Holocaust Memoir
Aron Goldfarb


North Men
The Viking Saga 793-1241
John Haywood
Not In Your Lifetime
The Assassination Of JFK
Anthony Summers


Out Of Auschwitz
The Untold Story
Stanley Goleniewski


Savage Continent
Europe In The Aftermath Of World War II
Keith Lowe
Antony Beevor
Striking Back
The 1972 Munich Olympics Massacre And Israel’s Deadly Response
Aaron J. Klein


The Battle Of Britain
Myth And Reality
Richard Overy
The Coming Of The
Third Reich
Richard J. Evans
The End
Germany 1944-45
Ian Kershaw
Far Traveller
Voyages Of A Viking Woman
Nancy Marie Brown
The Jesus Discovery
The New Archaeological Find That Reveals The Birth Of Christianity
James Tabor,
Simcha Jacobovici
The Jesus Family Tomb
The Evidence Behind
The Discovery No One Wanted To Find
Simcha Jacobovici,
Charles Pellegrino
The Jesus Papers
Exposing The Greatest Cover Up In History
Michael Baigent
The Kingdom Of Rus’
Christian Raffensperger
The Longest Kill
The Story Of Maverick 41
One Of The World’s

Greatest Snipers
Sgt. Craig Harrison
The Lost Gospel
Decoding The Sacred Text That Reveals Jesus’ Marriage To Mary Magdalene
Simcha Jacobovici,
Barrie Wilson
The Nazi Hunters
How A Team Of Spies And Survivors Captured The World’s Most Notorious Nazi
Neal Bascombe
The Nazi Hunters
Andrew Nagorski
The Norman Conquest
Marc Morris
The Northmen’s Fury
A History
Of The Viking World
Philip Parker
The Sea Wolves
A History Of The Vikings
Lars Brownworth
The Second World War
Antony Beevor
The Third Reich In Power
Richard J. Evans
The Vikings And America
Erik Wahlgren
The Villa, The Lake,
The Meeting
Wannsee And
The Final Solution
Mark Roseman
Tokyo Vice
An American Reporter On The Police Beat In Japan
Jake Adelstein


Viking Britain
A New History
Thomas Williams
Vikings In America
Graeme Davis


Explaining The Holocaust
Peter Hayes


The Life And Times Of Jesus Of Nazareth
Reza Aslan


102 Minutes
The Untold Story Of The Fight To Survive Inside The Twin Towers
Jim Dwyer, Kevin Flynn