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What have I been reviewing lately?

Bloodaxe C R MayFire & Sword Harry SidebottomState of the Union Brad ThorBefore The Revolution Daniel K RichterVindolanda Adrian GoldsworthyThe Far Traveller Nancy Marie BrownThe Longest Kill Sgt. Craig HarrisonWarrior of Woden Matthew Harffythe-secret-agent-joseph-conradWhere Dead Men Meet Mark MillsZealot Reza Aslan 2Out Of Auschwitz Stanley GoleniewskiThe Lady From Zagreb Philip Kerr 1

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What I’m currently reading

Twilight of Empire I. War at the Edge of the World – Ian Ross

War at the Edge of the World Ian Ross“An empire in decline.

Centurion Aurelius Castus – once a soldier in the elite legions of the Danube – believes that his glory days are over, as he finds himself in the cold, grey wastes of northern Britain, battling to protect an empire in decline.

Here he must face the barbarians beyond Hadrian’s Wall, in a mission riven with bloodshed and treachery. Can Castus keep his promise to a woman he has sworn to help? Ans is anything about this doomed enterprise what it seems”


Meanwhile, here are the latest two posts:

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Speesh Reads ‘Blog’

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Reviews listed by author (A-Z)

It could well be that I have read a book you are interested in, in which case, you can either go to the ‘Blog‘ part, where there are reviews in the order that I’ve read the book, or here, where you’ll find all the books I’ve reviewed listed by author.

Reviews listed by book title (A-Z)

I don’t know about you, sometimes I can only remember the title of the book I want
to find. So here’s a list of reviewed books by title.

The Speesh Reads Historical Fiction Timeline

I read a lot of Historical Fiction, so I’ve put together a Historical (Fiction) Timeline, which is based on the year that the book starts. It is based on what the author has stated,
or as far as I can tell.

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