Fiction Reviews By Book Title A – Z

I decided it would be easier to find a review, if I split the books into Fiction and Non Fiction. So, the Non Fiction section is ready, but this, the Fiction section I haven’t finished putting together properly yet, so it has a few holes. It’ll be done in the next few days.

So, the all-new Speesh Reads reviews by book titles – now with pictures!
Click on the picture, to go to the review page, there you’ll also find a link should you wish to buy the book.
If you notice any omissions or errors, let me know, eh?

You can scroll through or go straight to that letter of the alphabet the book you’re looking for begins with. All books that begin with ‘The’ are under T, then alphabetically after the first letter of the next word in the title.

If you want just a good old-fashioned list, click here.


A Burning Sea
The Wanderer Chronicles 3
Theodore Brun
Act Of Treason
Mitch Rapp 9
Vince Flynn
A Divided Spy
Charles Cummings
A Foreign Country
Charles Cumming
Agent 6
Tom Rob Smith
Agent Running In The Field
John le Carré
A German Requiem
Bernie Gunther 3
Philip Kerr
A Legacy Of Spies
John le Carré
Alliance Metamorphosis
David Oliver-Godric
All Souls’ Rising
Madison Smartt Bell
A Loyal Spy
Simon Conway
Altar Of Blood
Empire 9
Anthony Riches
A Man Without Breath
Bernie Gunther 9
Philip Kerr
American Assassin
Mitch Rapp 1
Vince Flynn
A Mighty Dawn
The Wanderer Chronicles 1
Theodore Brun
The Making Of England 3
Stewart Binns
An Officer And A Spy
Robert Harris
Dean Crawford
A Quiet Flame
Bernie Gunther 5
Philip Kerr
Arrows Of Fury
Empire 2
Anthony Riches
A Sacred Storm
The Wanderer Chronicles 2
Theodore Brun
A Spy By Nature
Charles Cumming
A Spy’s Life
Henry Porter
At The Ruin Of The World
John Henry Clay
Avenger Of Rome
Gaius Valerius Verrens 3
Douglas Jackson
A Wanted Man
Jack Reacher 11
Lee Child


Bad Luck And Trouble
Jack Reacher 11
Lee Child
Berlin Red
Inspector Pekkala 7
Sam Eastland
The Centurions 1
Anthony Riches
Blood And Ashes
Joe Hunter 5
Matt Hilton
Blood And Blade
The Bernicia Chronicles 3
Matthew Harffy
Erik Haraldsson 1
C.R. May
Blood Forest
Geraint Jones
Blood Of The Unicorn
The Mowbray Chronicles 1
Mette Holm
Blood Of The Wolf
The Forest Lord 4
Steven A. McKay
Blood’s Game
Holcroft Blood 1
Angus Donald
Blood’s Revolution
Holcroft Blood 2
Angus Donald
Blood Tracks
Grey and Po 1
Matt Hilton
Blood Will Follow
The Valhalla Saga 1
Snorri Kristjansson
Blood Work
Michael Connelly
Scot Harvath 4
Brad Thor
Body Of Lies
David Ignatius
Book Of Souls
Glenn Cooper
Vindolanda 3
Adrian Goldsworthy
Brothers’ Fury
The Bleeding Land 2
Giles Kristian


Capture Or Kill
Tom Marcus
Child 44
Tom Rob Smith
Harry Hole 2
Jo Nesbo
Conflict Of Empires
Sam Barone
The Making Of England 1
Stewart Binns
Consent To Kill
Mitch Rapp 8
Vince Flynn
Robert Low
The Making Of England 2
Stewart Binns
Cut And Run
Joe Hunter 4
Matt Hilton


Dark Age 1
Joe Hunter 1
Joe Hunter 6
Matt Helm 1
Gaius Valerius Verrens 2
Jack Reacher 2


Eagles Of Rome 1
Eagles Of Rome 2
Jack Reacher 5
Vespasian 9
Gaius Valerius Verrens 5
Mitch Rapp 16
Mitch Rapp 6
Mitch Rapp 11
Inspector Pekkala 1


Vespasian III
Bernie Gunther 7
King’s Bane 1
Throne Of The Caesars 3
Warrior Of Rome 1
Empire 3
Paul Dark 1


Gaius Valerius Verrens 8
The Rise Of Sigurd
King’s Bane 2
Jack Reacher 13
Outlaw Chronicles 5
Bernie Gunther 13


Hannibal 3
Hannibal 1
Hannibal 2
Orphan X 3
Hereward 1
Hereward 3
Hereward 2
Hereward 4
Hereward 2
Gaius Valerius Verrens 1
The Outlaw Chronicles 2
Eagles Of Rome 3


Bernie Gunther 6
Throne Of The Caesars 1


Joe Hunter 2


James Keane 2
James Keane 1
The Bernicia Chronicles 4
Jack Reacher 1
Mitch Rapp 2
Warrior Of Rome 2
The Outlaw Chronicles 3
The Bloody Aftermath
Of 1066 2


John Russell 5
The Making Of England 4
Warrior Of Rome 3
Templars 8


Jack Reacher 20
Bernie Gunther 1
John Russell 6
Vespasian 5
Mitch Rapp 7
Bernie Gunther 14
Night Soldiers
Sword Of Woden 3


Harry Hole
Jack Reacher 18
Joe Hunter 7
Jack Reacher 12


Jack Reacher 9
Mitch Rapp 15
Orphan X 1
Orphan X 4
The Outlaw Chronicles 1


Red Sparrow 2
Jack Reacher 23
The Valhalla Saga
Scot Harvath 2
Dark Age 1
Jack Reacher 19
Jack Reacher 7
John Russell
Bernie Gunther 8
Mitch Rapp 10
Bernie Gunther 12
Mitch Rapp 12


Inspector Pekkala 6
Red Inferno
Robert Conroy
Red Sparrow
Red Sparrow 1
Jason Matthews
Red Templar
Templars 6
Paul Christopher
Red Winter
Dan Smith
Tales Of Enchantment Book 1
Three Way Solitaire
The Forest Lord 3
Vespasian 2
Vespasian 4
Vespasian 6
Vespasian 8
Joe Hunter 8


Gaius Valerius Verrens 7
Gaius Valerius Verrens 6
Templars 9
Mitch Rapp 5
inspector Pekkala 3
John Russel 2
Joe Hunter 3
Sleeping Giants
Themis Files 1
Sylvain Neuvel
Slow Horses
Slough House 1
Mick Heron
Soloman Creed
Simon Toyne
Song Of The Centurion
Warrior Druid Of Britain 2
Steven A. McKay
Night Soldiers
Paul Dark 4
Standard Of Honour
Jack Whyte
Stasi Child
Karin Müller 1
David Young
Stasi Wolf
Karin Müller 2
David Young
State Of The Union
Scot Harvath 3
Brad Thor
John Russell 3
The Bernicia Chronicles 6
Invader Series 1
The Last Kingdom 12
Gaius Valerius Verrens 4
The Vallhalla Saga 1
The Bloody Aftermath of 1066 1


Scot Harvath 5
The Affair
Jack Reacher 16
Lee Child
The Alexander Cipher
Will Adams
The Apostle
Scot Harvath 8
Brad Thor
The Arms Maker Of Berlin
Dan Fesperman
The Bat
Harry Hone 1
Jo Nesbo
The Beast In The Red Forest
Inspector Pekkala 5
Sam Eastland
The Black Stone
Agent Of Rome 4
Nick Brown
The Bleeding Land 1
Captain Korolev 2
Jason Bourne 12
Jason Bourne 5
Jason Bourne 9
Jason Bourne 13
Jason Bourne 1
Jason Bourne 10
Jason Bourne 8
Jason Bourne 11
Jason Bourne 3
Warrior Of Rome 4
The Confessor
Gabriel Allon 3
Daniel Silva
The Corners Of The Globe
The Wide World 2
Robert Goddard
The Cross And The Curse
The Bernician Chronicles 3
Matthew Harffy
The Day Of The Wolf
Erik Haraldsson 3
C. R. May
The Outlaw Chronicles 8
Jack Lark 3
Warrior Druid Of Britain 1
Empire 6
The Invader Series 3
Agent Of Rome 6
Empire 7
Agent Of Rome 5
The Last Kingdom 8
Vindolanda 2
The Wide World 3
Jack Reacher 8
Jamie Saintclaire
Agent Of Rome 3
Scot Harvath 6
The Last Kingdom 10
Night Soldiers
Vespasian 7
Jack Reacher 10
Captain Korolev 1
Agent Of Rome 2
The Outlaw Chronicles 6
Jamie Saintclaire
The Outlaw Chronicles 7
Bernie Gunther 10
Mitch Rapp 13
Joe Hunter 9
Empire 4
Joe Hunter 9
Scot Harvath 1
Jack Lark 4
Jack Lark 2
Jack Reacher 22
Paul Dark 3
Warrior Druid Of Britain 3
Orphan X 2
Bernie Gunther 4
Bernie Gunther 11
The Last Kingdom 7
Bernie Gunther 2
Night Soldiers
Harry Hole 3
The Red Coffin
Inspector Pekkala 2
Sam Eastland
The Red Moth
Inspector Pekkala 4
Sam Eastland
The Riddle Of The Sands
Erskine Childers
The Road To Rome
The Forgotten Legion 3
Ben Kane
The Rule Of Four
Ian Caldwell, Dustin Thomason
The Sanctuary
Raymond Khoury
The Scarlet Thief
Jack Lark 1
Paul Fraser Collard
The Scathing
King’s Bane 3
C.R. May
The Sea Road
Margaret Elphinstone
The Bernicia Chronicles 1
Agent Of Rome 5
The Bloody Aftermath of 1066 2
Mitch Rapp 14
The Templars 4
The Templars 2
The Templars 3
Mitch Rapp 4
Captain Korolev 3
Jack Reacher 4
The Wide World 1
The Forest Lord 2
Empire 5
Warrior Of Rome 5
Empire 8
Mitch Rapp 3
Jack Reacher 3
S.J. Parris
Jack Reacher 3
Lee Child


Terry McGuire 1


Vespasian 1
Vindolanda 1


The Centurion’s Son 2
The Outlaw Chronicles 4
The Last Kingdom 11
The Bernicia Chronicles 5
The Last Kingdom 9
The Rise Of Sigurd 3
The Rise Of Sigurd 1
Jack Reacher 6
The Forest Lord 1
Jack Reacher 15
Empire 1
Sword Of Woden 2


Len Deighton


48 Hours
J. Jackson Bentley
61 Hours
Jack Reacher 14
Lee Child
1066 What Fates Impose
G.K. Holloway
Bernard Cornwell