How to read…Angus Donald’s Robin Hood series

Angus Donald’s superb Outlaw series really needs no introduction. So here’s a completely unnecessary one from me. Most people will think of them as his Robin Hood series, but I think Outlaw, is actually more appropriate, as the main man is in fact Alan Dale. Robin is there in all the books, but he really plays a second fiddle to Alan. The first book Outlaw, sets the scene quite brilliantly and is as good a first book in a series, as you’re ever likely to find. The ‘final’ book…well, that is simply perfect.

Though, as you can see, there is life after death if you are Robin Hood.

Again, these are the covers for the versions I have read, if you click on the cover, you can go to The Book Depository and buy them. The hardbacks of the first few, are rare as rocking-horse shit, the latter ones only as hen’s teeth, be warned.