How to read…Steven A. McKay’s Forest Lord series

As we all know, Robin Hood was from Nottingham and lived in Sherwood forest. Steven A. McKay takes the view that Robin was a Yorkshire lad, and has created a Robin that, as opposed to Angus Donald’s version, stays close to home and thereby perhaps closer to the original legend. You decide.

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Wolf's Head Steven A McKay1. Wolf’s Head (2013)
After viciously assaulting a corrupt but powerful clergyman, Robin Hood flees the only home he has ever known, in Wakefield, Yorkshire.Becoming a member of a notorious band of outlaws, Hood and his new companions Рincluding John Little and Will Scaflock Рhide out in the great forests of Barnsdale, fighting for their very existence as the law hunts them down like animals.
When they are betrayed, and their harsh lives become even more unbearable, the band of friends seeks bloody vengeance.
meanwhile, the country is in turmoil, as many of the powerful lords strive to undermine King Edward II’s rule until, inevitably, rebellion becomes a reality and the increasingly deadly yeoman outlaw from Wakefield finds his fate bound up with that of a Hospitaller Knight…
Wolf’s Head brings the brutality, injustice and intensity of life in medieval England vividly to life , and marks the beginning of a thrilling new historical fiction series.

the-wolf-and-the-raven2. The Wolf and The Raven (2014)
In the aftermath of a violent rebellion, Robin Hood and his men must fight for survival with an enemy deadlier than any they’ve faced before…
1322. England is in disarray and Sir Guy of Gisbourne, the king’s own bounty hunter, stalks the greenwood, bringing bloody justice to the outlaws and rebels who hide there.
When things begin to go horribly wrong, self-pity, grief and despair threaten to overwhelm the young wolf’s head who will need the support of his friends and family now more than ever. But Robin’s friends have troubles of their own and, this time, not all of them will escape with their lives…
Violence, betrayal, brutality and death come to vivid life (!), in The Wolf And The Raven.

Rise of the Wolf Steven A McKay3. Rise Of The Wolf (2015)
Sir Guy Of Gisbourne is back.
Bent on vengeance against Robin Hood and with a turncoat new lieutenant in tow, an unlikely new hero must stand up for herself…
Yorkshire, England – 1323 AD
The Greenwood has been quiet and the outlaws have become complacent, but the hard reality of life is about to hit the the companions with brutal, deadly force, thanks to their old foe, Prior John de Monte Martini.
From a meeting with King Edward II himself to the sheriff’s tournament with its glittering prize, the final, fatal, showdown fast approaches for the legendary Wolf’s Head.
New friends, shattered loyalties, and a hate-fuelled hunter that threatens to wipe out not only Robin’s companions but his entire family will all play their part in the Rise Of The Wolf.

Blood of the Wolf Steven A. McKay4. Blood Of The Wolf (2016)
Robin Hood Returns
And this time the legendary Wolf’s Head is working for the sheriff.
After winning his freedom in Rise Of The Wolf, Robin – with his faithful lieutenant John Little at his side – now spends his days travelling around northern England dispensing King Edward II’s justice.
When a new band of outlaws appears in Barnsdale, Sheriff Henry de Faucumberg sends Robin and John to deal with them. Before the lawmen can track them down though, Will Scaflock is attacked and another of their old companions murdered in his own home by the outlaws whose leader seems to have only one thing on his mind: bloody vengeance!
Will Robin’s reunited gang be enough to defeat this savage new threat that seeks to wipe them out one by one? Or will another old foe provide the final twist that sees England’s greatest long bowman dead and buried?