How to read…Vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp series

I’ve put in the cover versions of the copies I have (I decided to get as many of the American Assassins as I could, you understand). Order To Kill was the point where I was up to speed with releases and have got the hardback versions from there onwards. The UK covers are the ones pictures and have been consistent (in a Jack Reacher way) through until Red War, which seems to have either got a bit lost, or is the start of a new design. Anyways up, it – and all the rest – are streets ahead of the US versions.

The first book here, Term Limits doesn’t involve Mitch Rapp, but is set in the same world as the Mitch Rapp books, and several of the characters reappear in later books.
As the back cover of the paperback says: The first gripping thriller from international bestseller Vince Flynn, Term Limits is the utterly compelling precursor to the Mitch Rapp series.

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Term Limits Vince FlynnTerm Limits (2009)
Restoring power to the people, one politician at a time.
Taking politics into their own hands a group of highly-trained killers embark on a mission of shattering brutality. It is time the people made the politicians pay for their unfulfilled promises.
The next day, America awakens to the devastating news that three of their most powerful and unscrupulous politicians have been murdered. And the assassins are not finished.
In the media frenzy follows, the killers release their demands. The country’s leaders must restore power to the people, or they will all meet the same fate as their colleagues. Not even the President is safe…

American Assassinamerican assassin vince flynnamerican assassin vince flynn 1american assassin vince flynn 2american assassin vince flynn 3american assassin vince flynn hardback

1. American Assassin (2010)
From original paperback:
What type of man is willing to kill for his country without putting on a uniform?

Six months ago, Mitch Rapp was just an ordinary college student.
Then the Pan Am Lockerbie terrorist attack stole the lives of two hundred and seventy passengers, leaving thousands grieving. And Mitch Rapp hungry for revenge.
Just the man CIA Director Irene Kennedy needs for her new group of clandestine operatives.
Now, after months of intense training, Mitch finds himself in Istanbul, where he tracks down the arms dealer who sold the explosives used in the attack. Rapp then moves on to Europe, leaving a trail of bodies in his wake. But his final destination is Beirut where, unwittingly, he will walk into a trap – and straight into the enemy’s clutches.
The hunter is about to be come the hunted, and Rapp will need every ounce of skill and cunning if he is to survive…
From film tie-in
Terrorists took everything from him, except the need for revenge.
Mitch Rapp was a gifted college athlete without a care in the world…and then tragedy struck. Terrorists attacked innocent American citizens, and Rapp’s girlfriend was amongst the hundreds murdered. Thousands of family friends were left searching for comfort. But Mitch Rapp seeks only retribution. 
Six months of intense training with a clandestine CIA group prepare him to take the war to the enemy’s doorstep, and he does so with brutal efficiency, leaving a trail of bodies across Europe. But what Rapp doesn’t know is that the enemy is aware of his existence and has prepared a trap…
The hunter is about to become the hunted, and Rapp will need every ounce of skill and cunning he has to survive.

Kill Shot Vince Flynn2. Kill Shot (2012)
Mitch Rapp is a man on a mission.
For months, Mitch Rapp has been working his way through a list of those behind the Pan Am Lockerbie bombing – bullet by bullet.
His next target should be easy – a Libyan diplomat in Paris without a bodyguard. Rapp tracks the man to his hotel room and puts a bullet in his skull. But in that second, the door is kicked open and gunfire erupts all around.
Wounded, Rapp escapes, but when news of the bloodbath breaks, he’s a wanted man. His handlers have one choice: Rapp has become a liability, and he must not be taken alive. Alone in Paris, on the run from the authorities and his own employers, Mitch Rapp must prepare to fight for his life.

transfer of power vince flynn3. Transfer of Power (2000)
What if America’s most powerful leader was also its prime target?
On a busy Washington morning, the stately calm of the White House is shattered in a hail of gunfire. A group of terrorists has gained control of the executive mansion by means of a violent massacre, leaving dozens dead. Through luck and quick thinking, the president is evacuated to his underground bunker – but not before almost one hundred hostages are taken.
One man is sent to take control of the crisis, Mitch Rapp, the CIA’s top conterterrorism operative, determines that the president is not as safe as Washington’s power elite think. Moving stealthily among the corridors and secret passageways of the White House, Rapp makes a chilling discovery that could rock America to its core: someone within his own government wants his rescue attempt to fail.

The Third Option Vince Flynn4. The Third Option (2000)
Mitch Rapp has been set up. People will pay.
Mitch Rapp, the CIA’s top counterterrorism operative, is sent on what is designed to be his final mission: to eliminate a European industrialist who has been selling sensitive equipment to one of terrorism’s most notorious sponsors.What he doesn’t know is that the ultimate target of the mission is himself.
Set up by forces within the US who do not want the next Director-elect of the CIA to take over, and therefore need to engineer a disaster for the present regime, Mitch thwarts their plans by refusing to die.
The conspirators have made an awful mistake. They have enraged one of the most lethal and efficient killers the CIA has ever produced. Now they will pay.

Separation of Power Vince Flynn5. Separation of Power (2001)
Iraq has a nuclear weapon. The CIA has Mitch Rapp.
Israel has discovered that Iraq ia close to entering the nuclear arms race and they’ve vowed to do whatever it takes to stop them. With the Middle East teetering on the brink of chaos, the US president is forced to react. The commander in chief’s secret weapon? Top counterterrorism operative Mitch Rapp.
Israel has given the USA only two weeks to take the nukes out. After that, they will launch and attack to destroy the weapons themselves. With the haunting spectre of World War III looming, Rapp must race against time and impossible odds – tearing through the deadly alleyways of Baghdad and the corruption-riddled streets of Washington DC, taking drastic measures against anyone who dares to get in his way.

executive-power-vince-flynn6. Executive Power (2003)
Your cover’s blown. The whole world is after you. Where do you run to next?
Time is running out for Mitch Rapp. Publicly hailed by the Persident of the United States as the single most important person in the war against terror, the CIA superagent has become the target of every terrorist from Jakarta to London. And now everyone knows who he is and what he looks like.
A greater threat still lurks: an unknown assassin is working with the most dangerous powers in the Middle East to set the region – and the world – alight. Only Rapp can stop them.
But how can an undercover agent operate when the enemy already has him in their sights?

memorial-day-vince-flynn7. Memorial Day (2004)
The nation’s in danger and only Mitch Rapp knows.
When a spike in CIA intelligence suggests a major terrorist attack planned for Memorial Day, the president orders Mitch Rapp, his top counterterrorism operative, to pull out all the stops.
Rapp leaves for Afghanistan where he leads the ultra-secret Special Forces on a daring commando raid across the border into northern Pakistan. Their target: and al-Qaeda stronghold. Within a subterranean room, Rapp and his team discover a treasure trove of maps, files and bills for multiple freighters heading to US ports – all pointing to plans for a catastrophic attack on Washington DC.
Information is relayed to CIA HQ. In a few hours, the freighters have been located and the danger averted. Or has it?
To Mitch Rapp, it all seems too easy. Following his instincts he makes a truly terrifying discovery – and with Memorial Day closing fact, he must find a way to prevent a disaster of unimaginable proportions…

consent-to-kill-vince-flynn8. Consent to Kill (2005)
An eye for an eye…
for years, Mitch Rapp’s bold actions have saved the lives of thousands. He has killed with impunity, tortured to avert disaster, and shown he will do whatever it takes to win the War on Terror. He has become a hero to many – and an ene,y to countless more.
Now, the powerful father of a dead terrorist demands vengeance in its simplest form. He wants Rapp dead – and his hate-filled plea has found sympathetic ears.
in the tangled world of espionage there are those, even among America’s allies, who feel Rapp has grown too effective. They’ve been looking for a chance to eliminate America’s No.1 counterterrorism operative – and now their time has come.
Rapp must use all his skill and ruthless determination to save himself before he can turn his fury on those who have dared to betray him.

act of treason vince flynn9. Act of Treason (2006)
He’s got a plan. He’s got an enemy. Time to execute them both.
There are two weeks to go in the US presidential election when the hot favourite, and presidential candidate Josh Alexander’s motorcade is decimated by a terrorist bomb. He narrowly escapes, but members of his entourage are not so lucky. Alexander is carried to victory by a sympathy vote.
On the surface, it appears to be the work of al-Qaeda.
But then CIA director Irene Kennedy is presented with classified information so toxic that she has no option but to call in Mitch Rapp, America’s top counterterrorism operative: the one man reckless enough to follow the evidence to its explosive conclusion…

protect-and-defend-vince-flynn10. Protect and Defend (2007)
Only one man can bring the world back from the brink of nuclear war…
In a daring raid, Israel destroys Iran’s main nuclear facility, creating a radioactive tomb and an environmental disaster. An outraged United Nations condemns the attacks while Iran swears vengeance against Israel and her chief backer: the USA.
Enter Lebanese master terrorist Imad Mukhtar who’s spent the past decade picking his targets and preparing his cells for this exact moment.
With the US on high alert, the President calls on the one man ruthless enough to counter the fanatical terrorist. Enter Mitch Rapp, America’s terrorist hunter and one-man wrecking crew. Meeting violence with violence, Rapp tracks Mukhtar across Europe to America, where they are pitted against each other in a hunt only one of them can survive.

extremem-measures-vince-flynn11. Extreme Measures (2008)
A hero betrayed by his own country must take extreme measures in his fight for the truth.
A lethal terrorist cell is about to descend on America – and Mitch Rapp needs his best man to take on this terrifying new threat. Former Marine Corps officer Mike Nash, who has served his government honourably for sixteen years, is Rapp’s choice.
Meeting violence with extreme violence, Nash has never wavered in his fight against the jihadists and their culture of death. Fighting the war on terror in secret, he has been forced to lie to evey person he cares about. Yet he has soldiered on, secure in the knowledge that his hard work and lethal tactics have saved the lives of thousands.
But the one thing Nash never saw coming was that his own government was about to turn on him…

pursuit-of-honour-vince-flynn12. Pursuit of Honour (2009)
Honour must be satisfied…
A series of explosions devastates Washington DC, killing 185 people. An act of extreme violence calls for an extreme response from the counter-terrorism operative.
Enter Mitch Rapp. Working together with team member Mike Nash, he must hunt down the three al-Qaeda terrorists still at large…by any means necessary.
No one knows better than Rapp, the personal, physical, and emotional sacrifices that the job requires. And when Nash begins to crack under the ever increasing pressure of the mission, Rapp must take steps to save his friend and close in on the enemy – before it’s too late for them both.

the last man vince flynn13. The Last Man (2012)
A hero can’t always be good…
Joe Rickman, head of clandestine operations in the Middle East, has been kidnapped, his four bodyguards executed in cold blood, and with him CIA information that could prove disastrous in the wrong hands.
With the CIA plunged into crisis mode, Rapp is dispatched to find his missing friend, Joe Rickman, at all costs. But something doesn’t add up and he soon suspects something even more sinister is afoot. He isn’t the only one looking for Rickman; an FBI special agent is at his heels, determined to blame Rapp for the bloody debacle.
With elements inside his own government working against him, Rapp will have to make a tough call between playing the hero and playing nice. Or will he be stopped dead before he can succeed?

the survivor vince flynn14. The Survivor (2015)
When Joe “Rick” Rickman, a former golden boy of the CIA, steals a massive amount of the Agency’s most classified documents in an elaborately masterminded betrayal of his country, CIA director Irene Kennedy has no choice but to send her most dangerous weapon after him: elite covert operative Mitch Rapp.
Rapp quickly dispatches the traitor, but Rickman proves to be a deadly threat to America even from beyond the grave. Eliminating Rickman didn’t solve all of the CIA’s problems–in fact, mysterious tip-offs are appearing all over the world, linking to the potentially devastating data that Rickman managed to store somewhere only he knew.
It’s a deadly race to the finish as both the Pakistanis and the Americans search desperately for Rickman’s accomplices, and for the confidential documents they are slowly leaking to the world. To save his country from being held hostage to a country set on becoming the world’s newest nuclear superpower, Mitch Rapp must outrun, outthink, and outgun his deadliest enemies yet.

order to kill vonce flynn15. Order to Kill (2016)
In a pulse-pounding race to save America, covert operative Mitch Rapp confronts a mortal threat. But this time he might have met his match. Mitch Rapp is used to winning. But thanks to several scheming and unscrupulous members of the Pakistani secret service, he finds himself chasing false leads from continent to continent in an effort to Pakistani nukes from falling into the hands of terrorists. Together with friend and colleague Scott Coleman, Rapp struggles to prevent the loss of these lethal weapons. Soon it becomes alarmingly clear that the forces in Moscow are bent on fomenting even more chaos and turmoil in the Middle East, and Rapp must go deep into Iraqi territory, posing as an American ISIS recruit. There, he uncovers a plan much more dangerous and insidious than he ever expected–one that could have far-reaching and catastrophic consequences.

Enemy of the State no caption16. Enemy of the State (2017)
After 9/11, the United States made one of the most secretive and dangerous deals in its history. The evidence against the powerful Saudis who coordinated the attack would be buried. In return, King Faisal would promise to keep the oil flowing and deal with the conspirators in his midst.
When the king’s own nephew is discovered funding ISIS, the US president suspects that the Saudis never intended to live up to their agreement. He decides that the royalty needs to be sent a message and Mitch Rapp is just the man to deliver it. The catch? Rapp must do it entirely on his own. Forced to make a decision that will change his life forever, Rapp quits the CIA and assembles a group of independent contractors to help him complete the mission.
They’ve barely begun unravelling the connections between the Saudi government  and ISIS when the brilliant new head of the intelligence directorate discovers their efforts. With Rapp getting too close, he threatens to go public with the details of the post-9/11 agreement between the two countries. Facing an international incident that could end his political career, ht ePresident orders America’s intelligence agencies to join the Saudi’s efforts to hunt the former CIA man down.
Rapp is now at the centre of the most elaborate manhunt in history…

Vince Flynn Red War Kyle Mills

17. Red War (2018)
A resurgent Russia looms over Europe…Can anyone stop it?
When Russian president Maxim Krupin discovers that he has inoperable brain cancer, he’s determined to cling to his power. His first task is to kill or imprison any of his countrymen who can threaten him. Soon, though, his illness becomes serious enough to require a more dramatic diversion – war with the West.
Upon learning of Krupin’s condition, CIA director Irene Kennedy understands that the United States is facing an opponent who has nothing to lose. The only way to avoid a confrontation that could leave millions dead is to send Mitch Rapp to Russia under impossibly dangerous orders. With the Kremlin’s entire security apparatus hunting him, he must find and kill a man whom many have deemed the most powerful man in the world.