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10 August : The New Jason Bourne arrives



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In The Shadow Of Rome
Joanna B. McGarry

“In ancient caledonia, now known as Scotland, the native Caledonians and the occupying forces struggle to co-exist: sometimes peacefully, sometimes not.
Sigdan, a former sea-wolf from Scatinavia, lives, loves and fights as a Roman auxiliary in a fort on the Antonine Wall. After being captured while fighting against the Romans, he was given his current position in recognition of his savagery in battle.
But all is not well. Vespasian, an incompetent Roman officer has perpetuated a longstanding fued between the two men. He frequently pushes Sigdan into conflicts, hoping for retaliation. Vespasian knows well he will end up breaking Sigdan, but when, is another matter.
Meanwhile, Sigdan is preoccupied with Giorsal, a Caledonian apothecary who lives in the settlement that grew up around the fort and who is pregnant with his child. When four abused child slaves of Fabious, a Romancitizen, seek help from Giorsal, she becomes a target. What she does next will change her life – and Sigdan’s – forever and leads to a dramatic – very Roman – outcome in the arena.