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15 August : The promised Jason Bourne, Treadstone book and TV series is almost ready!

27 June : Romano-Saxon site found in eastern England


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A Sacred Storm – Theodore Brun

“Eighth-century Sweden: Erlan Aurvandil, a Viking outlander, has pledged his sword to Sviggar Ivarsson, King of the Sveärs. But violence is stirring in the borderlands. As the fires of an ancient feud are reignited, Erlan is bound by honour and oath to stand with King Sviggar.
But, unbeknownst to the old King, his daughter, Princess Lilla, has fallen under Erlan’s spell. As the armies gather, Erlan and Lilla must choose between their duty to Sviggar and their love for each other.
Blooded uoung, betrayed often, Erlan is no stranger to battle. And hidden in the shadows, there are always those determined to bring about the maelstrom of war…”