Review: Lord Of The Sea Castle – Ruadh Butler

Edward, no more


Review: Lure – Jeff Marschall

My version: Hardback Genre: Fiction Thriller Publisher: Self published First published: 2019 Pages: 272 ISBN: 978.0.99.397431.1 Supplied by author From the cover: In the cold harsh winter of the Canadian Prairies, a secret is about to be unearthed. Medical resident John Mueller finds himself serendipitously in possession Of a professor's coveted research. On the run, John evades enemies and authorities, … Continue reading Review: Lure – Jeff Marschall


I'm not going to say which book, just that this article may, or may not, have a relevance to a review recently posted. We can talk about the coincidence involved in its popping up in my Reddit feed this morning, at another time. Here's the article.