Review: The Travelers – Chris Pavone

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Review: Monsters – C.R. May

Series: Sword of Woden III My version: Paperback Genre: Historical Fiction Scandinavia Publisher: C.R. May First published: 2013 Bought, signed From the cover: As the cataclysmic events unfold at Ravenswood, Beowulf lies locked in a death duel with the forces of Hel. Victorious, he gathers his war band, crossing the sea to Daneland, to fulfil his destiny. But with the … Continue reading Review: Monsters – C.R. May

Review: The Book of Mirrors – E.O. Chirovici

My version: Paperback Genre: Fiction thriller Publisher: Faber & Faber (Penguin Random House) First published: 2016 Bought, signed From the cover: Don't trust everything you read... Princeton 1987: renowned psychologist Professor Joseph Wieder is brutally murdered. New York, twenty-five years later: literary agent Peter Katz receives a manuscript, or is it a confession? It was twisty turny, but could … Continue reading Review: The Book of Mirrors – E.O. Chirovici