Review: Act of Treason – Vince Flynn

act-of-treason-vince-flynn5 of 5 stars

Mitch Rapp 9

My version: Paperback
Fiction Thriller, terrorism
Simon & Schuster

He’s got a plan. He’s got an enemy, Time to execute them both.

There are two weeks to go to the US presidential election when the hot favourite, Josh Alexander, is ambushed by a terrorist bomb. He narrowly escapes, but members of his entourage are not so lucky. Alexander is carried to victory by a sympathy vote.

On the surface, it appears to be the work of al-Qaeda. But then CIA director Irene Kennedy is presented with classified information so toxic that she has no option but to call on Mitch Rapp, America’s top counterterrorism operative: the one man reckless enough to follow the evidence to its explosive conclusion…

Politicians acting sympathetically! Politicians acting according to their conscience! Whoever heard of such nonsense?! Vince Flynn doesn’t/didn’t like politicians much. This is a theme that has and does run through his books. They’re only looking out for themselves, when they say they’re looking out for you and I (were we ‘The American People’).

I’ve mentioned before, that Vince Flynn was well on the way to writing the perfect thriller. Here, he’s 99% of the way. This is interesting, tense, taught, and working on a level most thriller writers can only dream of. He’s taken his time getting here, this is number nine in the Mitch Rapp series, but all his groundwork, preparing the way for different aspects of the stories he’s now writing, have really paid off. My beef about the unexplained ten year gap in the whole story’s timeline, is still not cleared up, though it really doesn’t matter, as (almost to make up for that mistake, and I do think it was a mistake) Rapp is now clutter-free and back in action in the field. Whether any responsible CIA Director would send their ‘top counterterrorism expert’ out in the field so often, is another matter. Rapp doesn’t like sitting behind a desk and is so ‘rebellious,’ that they pretty much can’t stop him. It is this ‘blank cheque’ aspect, that maybe just keeps Act of Treason off the 100% perfection.

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