Review: Red Templar – Paul Christopher

red-templar-paul-christopher3 of 5 stars

John Holliday 6

My version: Paperback
Fiction The Templars

Army Ranger and historian John Holliday has spent his life crossing the globe uncovering the truth behind the ancient Templar Order. Now, finally returning home, he is intercepted by a mysterious Russian, Genrikhovich, with an astonishing secret…

Genrikhovich claims to know the location of the long-lost Templar sword, Aos – one of the four taken from the Holy Land at the fall of Acre. He believes it is the companion to Holliday’s own Templar sword. Holliday is sent on a deadly and bloody quest into the heart of Russia, where the Templars have wielded power for centuries…

But can Genrikhovich be trusted? Will Holliday’s search for the truth finally kill him? And what is the greatest Templar secret of all?

It’s absolutely possible that this is the best in the series so far. I know for many that won’t be saying a whole lot, but hey! I enjoy them. You probably will as well, if you come to admit it (in public) or not. You just have to avoid looking too long into the plot’s darker corners.

Otherwise, it is great escapism, with a touch of realism, some interesting ‘facts’ here and there (I haven’t fact checked, but they certainly sound plausible enough) and well put together over all. Well worth you wasting some time and money (I’ve bought them all pretty much second-hand, so not too much money) on. Looking forward to reading the next one.

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