Central Europe 1815 to 1866

Today’s offering from the Rand McNally World Atlas of 1946, is entitled ‘Central Europe 1815 to 1866.’

The map seems to have been done to concentrate, as the index down the bottom there suggests, on The German Confederation, Kingdom of Prussia and the Austrian Empire. I think you can get an even more clear picture of where the German-speaking peoples were heading at this time and, of course, subsequently.

The copy with the map, is as follows:

Central Europe, from 1815 to 1866, witnessed the transfer of leadership among the German states from Austria under Metternich to Prussia under Bismarck. Bohemia served as the battleground of the two powers; and the defeat of Austria at Koniggratz gave Prussia a free hand to begin the creation of a united German Empire. The victory of Prussia over France in 1871 resulted in the achievement of this goal.

As ever, I’m surprised at how far away from the North Sea coast Saxony is.

Click on the map to go to a full-sized version at Speesh Reads Pinterest.

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