Review: Term Limits by Vince Flynn

5 of 5 stars

Series: None, it’s a prequel of sorts for the Mitch Rapp series

My version: Paperback
Fiction Crime, terrorism, US politics
Simon & Schuster

Restoring power to the people, one politician at a time.

Taking politics into their own hands a group of highly-trained killers embark on a mission of shattering brutality. It is time the people made the politicians pay for their unfulfilled promises.

The next day, American awakens to the devastating news that three of their most powerful and unscrupulous politicians have been violently murdered. And the assassins are not finished.

In the media frenzy that follows, the killers release their demands. The country’s leaders must restore power to the people, or they will all meet the same fate as their colleagues. Not even the President is safe…

Not an easy book to write this, I guess. When just about everyone – certain politicians excepted – would think “Yeah! That’s what I’m talking about!” after reading the set-up on the back. And a brave theme for Vince Flynn to take on in his first outing as a writer. Though, it may not be his very, very first I suspect. Either that, or he sprang into the game from nowhere as a fully-fledged brilliant writer of this sort of thing. Because, this is an absolutely superb book. From the ‘oh, good lord, how is he going to write that!” of the premise, to the compulsive, plausible and exciting execution.

It features several characters who also continue into the Mitch Rapp series proper, including one, I won’t say who, who really shouldn’t get out of this book either alive, or without having spent a long time in jail, but nothing of what they do here, is ever mentioned in the subsequent series. I did find that a little strange. Read it, see what you think.

It’s here that you can see why the political stuff in the later books was so good, so compulsive. He really can write this sort of thing absolutely perfectly. I can’t guess his politics, but I’d be pretty sure he sees the world the same was as me, which is very cool. For us both.

I read this after I’ve read all the Mitch Rapp series, through not really knowing about it, rather than meaning to. I’d say, like me, you could read this wherever you are in the series. Start with it and the rest will make sense. Finish with it and your admiration for Vince Flynn will just increase. What a talent was taken away from us.

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