Review: The Book of Mirrors – E.O. Chirovici

The Book of Mirrors EO ChiroviciMy version: Paperback
Genre: Fiction thriller
Faber & Faber (Penguin Random House)
First published: 2016
Bought, signed

From the cover:

Don’t trust everything you read…

Princeton 1987: renowned psychologist Professor Joseph Wieder is brutally murdered.

New York, twenty-five years later: literary agent Peter Katz receives a manuscript, or is it a confession?

IMG_7026It was twisty turny, but could haven easily made much more twisty turny. I had several thoughts of what might be going to happen, while I ways trying to figure out what was happening, that would have screwed it up to fiendishly devious levels.  I’m not going to say the final denouement was a let down, it wasn’t really, but it seemed like the obvious one, and I was expecting something more complicated maybe.

The idea behind it though, is exceptionally well executed, and is a thought provoking one. If I’ve got it right, it is about the obvious theme that memories alter the event, and the farther you are, in time from the event, the more your memories alter that event, so what actually happened? As the event is in your memory, in an altered way. Did it happen as you think it did, or as someone else who was there, thinks it did? And the alterations you make to the events, are altered because of who you are. To illustrate this, the book is in several sections, all dove-tailing to provide a constant and consistent narrative, from one of the character’s point of view (with an emphasis on the view part), thiús illustrating how the events were as they saw them, but not, maybe as others did.

Each person is relating the events through their own eyes, their own values and character. They are holding the mirrors of the book’s title and seeing themselves reflected in what they say happened.

You’ve got to be good to hold all that together, and E.O. (as we close friends call him) is just that. It’s a nicely done, readable, literary thriller, that teases out the information you need to progress and sends your thoughts in the wrong/right direction, well worth you buying.

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You can buy The Book of Mirrors from The Book Depository

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