When I’m right, I’m very right

I read a lot of books, not as many as some people (say they) do, though still plenty. I really like to go for quality instead of quantity, so the books I buy, I usually have looked into – at least the subject matter – before I buy. Since starting this blog, for my own pleasure and entertainment (as it still is really), I have been contacted many times, by authors asking if I would review their book. As long as they’ve had a gander to see what kinds of books I read, and therefore like, and it’s a physical copy, send away, say I. You’d think then, that this would mean some of the books I read are a little hit and miss. Not a bit of it.

Take this one, for example:

Justice Gone, by N. Lombardi Jr. Or Nick, as he introduced himself to me as.

Nick sent me the book, asking for a review. I was – when I’d finished it – more than glad to do so as it was quite an excellent book, well written, thought provocative and a pleasure to have been asked to read. And you know what? I was right, it has now won

Best Legal Thriller
in the 13th Annual National
Indie Excellence Awards!

How. About. THAT?!

Based in California, USA*, here is what their website says about their awards:

“About National Indie Excellence® Book Awards

The National Indie Excellence® Book Awards contest is proudly sponsored by Smarketing LLC. a company established in 2007 by Ellen Reid, an entrepreneur who has guided hundreds of authors in creating their own publishing companies and producing books of outstanding quality.

Ellen founded the National Indie Excellence Awards, the Beverly Hills Book Awards and the Body, Mind, Spirit Book Awards – three prominent contests recognizing and celebrating excellence in book publishing. She is also the author of the national award-winning title “Putting Your Best Book Forward: a Book Shepherd’s Secrets to Producing Award-Winning Books that Sell” and was named Beverly Hills Premier Book Publishing Consultant an unprecedented six years running.

Continuing in her spirit the team at Smarketing, LLC is committed to celebrating the best of self and independent titles produced by a wide range of authors from around the globe.

Here’s the NIEA website, here’s the link to the page Nick’s book is on.

It’s great to know I was on the ball with my opinion there. I don’t review to get it ‘right,’ I review because I like doing it, I enjoy reading books, and I enjoy trying to distill the feelings into words. I can’t write, but I enjoy trying.

If you haven’t already clicked on the book image above, you can buy Justice Gone from Amazon.

So, the message clearly is: if you are an author and you want your book to win awards, send a copy to me and I’ll do the rest…

*There is a California in Birmingham, UK, so there! Where I come from. Birmingham, not California, Birmingham, UK

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