Available today! The Bernicia Chronicles 5: Warrior of Woden by Matthew Harffy

Warrior of Woden, the fith installment in long-time friend of Speesh Reads, Matthew Harffy's Bernicia Chronicles, is released, or, having read it, "unleashed" might a be better word, today! "But the shops are closed today and tomorrow!" Luckily, being released today, means you can buy a paperback from Amazon and if you're quick, it'll be … Continue reading Available today! The Bernicia Chronicles 5: Warrior of Woden by Matthew Harffy

Friday Book News – 16 May

All Kindles Lead to Rome Exciting Roman news, if news about Roman stuff excites you. Yeah? Well, read on then... Robert Fabbri announced he will have a new short-story exclusively out on Kindle, on 21 May. It's kind of like a side-project of sorts, to his 'day job' of the Vespasian novels, the first of which, Vespasian Tribune … Continue reading Friday Book News – 16 May

Amazon: "find alternatives"

I'm trying to. Especially after they stopped delivering for free to Denmark if I ordered over £25. But Margaret Hodge, chair of the public accounts committee in the British Houses of Parliament says we "should" because of Amazon's tax dodging. Dodging of UK taxes, she means. Here's a link to The Guardian's article on the problem. … Continue reading Amazon: "find alternatives"

Say what you like about Amazon…

...but. I ordered Bernhard Cornwell's latest in the (let's see what they're calling the series this week) 'Warrior Chronicles', The Pagan Lord a good while back. When it was announced I think. I got an email from Amazon last Friday, that they had dispatched the book. It arrived, here in Denmark, Monday morning around 10.00. … Continue reading Say what you like about Amazon…