Review: Hereward – James Wilde

Hereward by James Wilde My rating: 4 of 5 stars Superb. Nothing less. Hereward gripped me and held me at sword-point from page one. (That was my attempt at writing something they might want to use on a future Hereward book jacket). I can't remember being so impressed by a historical novel for a long, … Continue reading Review: Hereward – James Wilde


Review: Viking: King’s Man – Tim Severin

Series: Viking 3 My version: Paperback Genre: Historical Fiction, Viking Age Publisher: Pan (Macmillan) First published: 2005 Bought This is in essence, a different look at the Viking 'swords and shields' books that I like reading so much (Robert Low, Giles Kristian, etc). If you're simply after swords and shields and bucket-loads of bloody raping and … Continue reading Review: Viking: King’s Man – Tim Severin