Review: Berlin Red – Sam Eastland

Inspector Pekkala 7

My version: Paperback
Genre: Historical Fiction, World War II, Germany, The Soviet Union
Faber & Faber
First published: 2016
ISBN: 978-0-571-32239-8
Pages: 377

From the cover:
April 1945. East of Berlin, the Red Army stands poised to unleash its final assault upon Hitler’s capital.
At a lonely outpost near the Baltic Sea, German scientists prefect a guidance system for the mighty V-2 rocket. This device – code-named Diamond Stream – will allow the rocket to arrive at its target with pin-point accuracy. So devastating is its potential that Hitler’s promise to the German people of a ‘miracle weapon’ that will turn the tide of war might actually be true.
When a radio message heralding the success of Diamond Stream is intercepted, by an English listening station, British Intelligence orders one of its last agents operating in Berlin to acquire the plans of the device. Desperate to evacuate their agent from the doomed city before the Red Army swarms through its streets, British Special Operations turns to the Kremlin for help. They ask for one man in particular – inspector Pekkala.
This time for Pekkala, it’s personal…

Well, I really didn’t see that coming. Though thinking about it afterwards, it was the only way to do it. That being, to write the last book in the sublime Inspector Pekkala series. I’ll miss him tremendously, but after all he has gone through in the previous six books, he certainly deserves some peace. And on his terms. Not in the wild wastes of Siberia. You didn’t expect any less, did you? Berlin Red is in many ways the rawest, emotionally, of the series. Raw emotions. The most Pekkala of the series. Typical Pekkala. Only he could get away with this.

You haven’t read any of the Pekkala series? Good Lord, why not? As Berlin Red is a book that has to be experienced, at the end of the series after you’ve read all the others leading up to it, I’ll do you all a favour and list the series in the order you need to read them in:

Eye Of The Red Tsar
The Red Coffin
Siberian Red
The Red Moth
The Beast In The Red Forest
Red Icon
Berlin Red

So, do yourself, and in so doing, do this book a favour and read the others then come to me and agree that Pekkala was a genius creation and Berlin Red is the only way you would want the series to end. Heartbreakingly perfect.

You can buy Berlin Red from The Book Depository

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