If it's 2015, it must be time for – Book of the Year 2014!

I thought I'd actually wait until the year was over (2014, just in case you...) before putting my heads together and seeing what I'd read that was worthy of The Speesh Golden Bookmark* for best book/read I read in 2014. As usual, I don't seem to have read any of other places' 'Books of the Year.' Partly … Continue reading If it's 2015, it must be time for – Book of the Year 2014!


Review: Spies of The Balkans

Spies of The Balkans by Alan Furst My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars "So, don't trust the telephone. Or the newspapers. Or the radio. Or tomorrow." Spies of the Balkans is a subtle and thoroughly satisfying story of war-time, Second World War-time, set in Greece, in Salonika, in 1940 - the early, confused, months of … Continue reading Review: Spies of The Balkans

Books brought back from UK trip

Now you know why we took the car over. We drove from Denmark to Wales, via Germany, Holland, Belgium and an overnight in Calais France. Then on to the north of England, the south and back, via an overnight in Dunkerque. Book-buying wasn't the only reason of course, but it did make it a lot … Continue reading Books brought back from UK trip

Review: The Trinity Six

The Trinity Six by Charles Cumming My rating: 3 of 5 stars Anyone who is in any way interested in spies, spying and the world of espionage in general, has surely read at least one of John le Carré's genre defining classics. Not the later gardening and Panama nonsense, but the unforgettable Cold War, Smiley intrigues. … Continue reading Review: The Trinity Six

Review: The Polish Officer

The Polish Officer by Alan Furst My rating: 4 of 5 stars The period between the wars, especially the later period (we're of course talking Europe here) in the run-up to World War II especially in Eastern Europe, fascinates me. This is where Alan Furst's excellent novels are set. According to the introduction information, he … Continue reading Review: The Polish Officer

Review: Gospel Truths

Gospel Truths by J.G. Sandom My rating: 4 of 5 stars This is not your run-of-the-mill religious, historical, chase, search, code-breaking, discovery of some ancient artefact that proves Christianity is based on a myth or a lie, type of thriller. It's quite a step up from that. Passages reminded me of books I've read by Alan Furst or Olen Steinhauer. … Continue reading Review: Gospel Truths