Beowulf. Quite probably written down by just one person

The opening page of Beowulf "This is the first step in taking an old debate and refreshing it with some new methodology."Madison Krieger, a postdoc in evolutionary dynamics at Harvard University While looking for something else, I ran up against this article on Ars Technica. As several books I’ve read in the last couple of … Continue reading Beowulf. Quite probably written down by just one person

Review: Monsters – C.R. May

Series: Sword of Woden III My version: Paperback Genre: Historical Fiction Scandinavia Publisher: C.R. May First published: 2013 Bought, signed From the cover: As the cataclysmic events unfold at Ravenswood, Beowulf lies locked in a death duel with the forces of Hel. Victorious, he gathers his war band, crossing the sea to Daneland, to fulfil his destiny. But with the … Continue reading Review: Monsters – C.R. May

Review: Sorrow Hill – C.R. May

5 of 5 stars Series: Sword of Woden 1 My version: Paperback Historical Fiction Anglo, Saxons, Beowulf Self published 2013 Sent by author signed Geatland in the first decades of the sixth century is an island of peace amid the upheaval which marked the death throws of the Roman Empire in the West. Under the benevolent rule of King Hrethel … Continue reading Review: Sorrow Hill – C.R. May